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We were very tired. I wish he would write more often. I have nothing in common with her. Why don't we go home? Eating fish is good for your health. His son. What station is it? When do you return home? All our efforts were in vain. He's not in right now.
Comos4 League: - Would you like to have lunch with me?
- I paid him the money.
- There is an urgent need for peace talks.
- When I see him, I think of my grandfather.
- Could you give me a ride to the station?
- Ann loves chocolate.
- I think it will rain today.
- I learned to live without her.
- The man next door said he goes for a jog every morning.
- Ken goes to school by bus.
I'll call for you at three. Thanks so much. You're a good teacher. Everybody had a good year. He stuck out his tongue at his teacher. She made him a simple dinner. He'll be here soon. Tom and Sue have known each other since 1985. My suggestion is for more trees to be planted along the streets. That isn't fair. He is getting better bit by bit.

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