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Did you watch the game last night? I don't like what he said. My son. She advised him to stop working so much. How much should I pay? He turned out to be her father. What flower do you like best? I am not about to pay ten dollars. She is able to skate. I want something cold to drink.
Nnk: - I am a B.Com., graduate.
- No, that's OK. I think if I rest for a little while I'll feel better.
- I think it's time for me to turn on the radio.
- What he said turned out to be a lie.
- The stream flows into the pond.
- He has a nice car.
- He went to London via Paris.
- He wants to meet you.
- He put the ring on Mary's finger.
- You can't miss it.
I would like to meet the manager. I have a complaint to make. She doesn't want him to buy an expensive engagement ring. How long have you been in America? It's very cold today. I hid under the table. What are you going to do tonight? Have you ever done any volunteer work? He said he had to cancel the meeting this afternoon. Look at me. Thanks so much. You're a good teacher.

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