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I saw the picture you took of that fish. That man asked me who I was, but I didn't think it was necessary to answer that question. OK, would you mind if I use your phone? Tom's speech was excellent. You will see the difference. I don't think that she will come. Tom took off his clothes and put on his pajamas. They stopped talking. Tell me the truth. I admit that he is right.
Dream Theater: - She asked him to give her some money so she could go to a restaurant with her friends.
- Let me help you with your baggage.
- I became very nervous when I couldn't locate my passport.
- OK. I'm not sure what's wrong. If it's possible, email the file to me and I'll see if I can get it to open.
- I don't like studying.
- Many dog owners only feed their dogs once a day.
- It's a good idea to cover up when the sun is this strong.
- Grace looked angry.
- I think it's time for me to give her a ride home.
- She was promoted.
Maybe. I'll call the library and ask them if anyone found it. Do you feel giving gifts is important? Which dictionary did you refer to? It's hot today. Henry wants to see you. Dr. White acted as our interpreter. The city fell to the enemy. Two wrongs don't make a right. It's not my fault. Tom's already here, but Bill hasn't come yet.

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